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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pitbull Temperament

When gathering information on a pitbull's temperament you will start to notice that pitbulls are a very kind hearted animals. If a pitbull has the correct temperament, the dog would be friendsly towards friends, family, and even strangers. This is a reason you should never consider having a pitbull be a guard dog as they are way too human-friendly, always seeking affection from their human counterparts. Pitbulls are also great for family households and even around younger kids. With this being said you should hardly ever see any human aggression from these dogs.
Dog and animal aggression on the other hand can be different but it relates differently from dog to dog. Each dog is different and has its own personality so you cant always judge a pit from another pitbulls actions. Pitbulls begin showin their dog aggression around 2 and 3 years but if socialized and trained correctly and early you should have no problems. One common trend with pitbull owners after gettin one want to get another, but i caution this because pitbulls are more aggressive when combined with the same sex.I do know many people that have more than one and there great though. It all depends on how you raise them.
Most pitbull owners who have properly trained and soicialized their dogs correctly will say they are just big couch potatoes that love to get attention. Its a perfect dog if your looking for the perfect companion!!

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